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Hand writing II v2.1

Hand writing II v2.1 | 15MB

Data Becker Your Handwriting II is just a emazing software. Now you can make your own fonts in your handwriting in just 2 very simple steps. 1. Print the 3 page sheet, fill it in your handwriting, 2. Scan it in Your Handwriting or with any other scanner program and save it in a image file(bmp) 3. Rest will do this program and your own handwriting font is ready for use. A fast, simple, and fun way to personalize everything you write with your computer. Easily create TrueType fonts for use in word processing, email, graphics, and desktop publishing. Easy-to-use, but powerful, Creates unlimited number of fonts

* Turn your handwriting into a Windows TrueType Font in just a few steps.
* Your Handwriting Assistant provides forms to print out, fill in, and scan.
* The Intelligent Font Analyzer converts your scanned forms into a working, editable font.
* Your Handwriting Font Editor allows for finetuning any TrueType font.
* Use the Mail Editor to compose and send emails using your new font.
Note: All windows platform compatible, however on vista help file will not work. Just read the manual if required, otherwise program is so simple that nobody will need to read the mannual.